Intuitive Painting Workshop
Olive Kebab and Cafe, Bangkok
January 25, 2015

“I have a background in fine arts and I find that, as I am older, when I want to do personal work, the over-thinking gets in the way, and I end up not painting very much. This workshop frees me and I am able to have fun with colors and paint and just let things be. Thank you so much, Maryan.”
-Workshop participant

“The workshop has opened the gate of my intuition. I have listened to my inner being, followed my intuition and was able to walk out of my comfort zone during the process. I was also attuned to my inner voice and allowed myself to be spontaneous. It’s a great workshop and I will continue to enjoy art making in my daily life.”

“Loved the experience (of) allowing the beginning of a process to open the inner artist to exploring so much more than the painting.”

“Today was amazing! It was such a relaxing experience. I really enjoyed painting with my intuitive instincts and going with the flow. I highly recommend this workshop.


It has been quite a while since I’ve painted so your workshop was a freeing way to rediscover what happens with different movements and the different tools you provided and oh the colors! Lots to choose from and mix with. Your enthusiasm and clear introduction helped me to just follow the paint and turn off my brain. It was grounding to let go of judgments and just get into the flow with some satisfying bursts of energy and pleasant trips into some simple joy-filled childhood memories. I loved the various transformations the painting went through from beginning to end: and liked that we stayed in the process; and then were guided to share as much as we wanted to wrap up. A very enjoyable experience!”

-Workshop participant, August 2014

“It was an emotional experience reaching deep into the depths of my soul coming up with ways in which I hold myself back, the voice that says “I can’t”, “I don’t want to”, “I’m done”… and doing it anyway. I had a breakthrough in letting go of the painting and of my experience having to look a certain way. I can now remember in other areas of my life where this type of thinking has stopped my progress.”
-Dasha, workshop participant, May 2014
“I found Maryan’s workshop to be a wonderful experience, very rich in both the interactions with the participants, all beautiful and interesting women, and the interaction within myself. I entered into a dialogue within myself, perhaps a conversation with my inner depths about what was seeking expression, what wanted to come out, appear and be recognized, by way of canvas, paint and palette. I have done work with my dreams for years. I had had an important dream the night before the workshop and was seeking to explore the message of that dream. I painted four paintings in total. With each painting, I felt a progressive and cumulative freeing of energy and greater self-expression. My last painting was the simplest, and the one I liked best. It started out as a series of large waves, in which I thought of putting a boat…which I tried and it just was not right…The boat became a brilliant stag.

I’d have to say that the workshop was an event…an encounter…a moment in time where the inner came outside. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys art as a process, an exploration, or possibly…for anyone who just wants to have fun.”

Jan Burke, workshop participant, April 2014


“Nice meeting with an artist Maryan Cerina. She offers an absolutely amazing experience – Intuitive Painting Workshop, helping people tune into their intuition, contact images that they have seen in their dreams, express unconscious via non-verbal world. Wow!

I can’t wait for June when I will be filming all these bright colours, beautiful moves of brushes, inspiration on artists’ faces….
Have a creative day!”

Anastasia Modestova http://www.facebook.com/MovieAboutYou

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