Painting From Intuition Workshops

My studio-Ap16-2014

The Painting From Intuition Workshop is all about helping you reconnect to your innately creative spirit. Let the lush colours of paint, the brushes and the paper guide you to your true self, to the heart of you, to the whisperings from your soul.

Maryan will lead you on a personal journey of discovery into your inner world. You will be guided to tune into the impulses that emerge as you paint, so that you paint from an inner directive rather than from the mind. Participants experience a range of responses, from the pure enjoyment of moving vibrant colour across paper, to the freedom of painting like a child, to connecting to a deep inner world, the mysterious world of the unconscious.

A respectful, accepting space is created. Group discussion is focused on the personal experience rather than on an analysis of the paintings. A painting session may also be accompanied by journal writing to record thoughts, feelings or insights gained while painting.

Intuitive painting is a powerful form of self-expression. It can be very meaningful, at times moving and above all, freeing! Welcome to the class and enjoy yourself!

What to bring:

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing, appropriate to the weather conditions if attending an outdoor workshop
  • Your water bottle and any special snacks you may want to have
  • Journal and pen


2 thoughts on “Painting From Intuition Workshops”

  1. Hello! are you doing any workshops this fall?


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