Dear Reader,

I have just completed a painting of a house for a friend of mine. The hardest part was doing the shades of grey, you have to look very hard to get the range of dark and light correct in relation to one other.  The flag stones took me over an hour to do, but were fun and I was pleased with the results.  The shrubbery was a challenge in parts.  I like the big tree in the background, the small plants were easy and the shrub to the left behind the chairs went well.  The poplar type tree and the main shrub facing the chairs were hard to get right.  Still might tweak them a bit.  For the lawn chairs, I taped a photocopy of the photograph over my painting and lifted it up and down again and again to compare the photo to my drawing to get some of the main points for the lines right.  That helped a lot.

Please enjoy the evolution of my latest painting, completed last night at 2:30 am.

20141129_003018 20141129_103429 20141129_225607 20141130_000029 20141214_013107 20141216_014448