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Dear Readers,

Today, I created the page, “Gallery: My Intuitive Paintings 2014”.  I began doing intuitive paintings this year in January after attending “The Painting Experience”, a workshop by Stewart Cubley.  It was an amazing experience that launched me into my own work in process arts.

These paintings are not about the end result as much as they are about the process of painting them and any insights I gain into my life as a result.  Some are painted with the kind of joy and freedom that I would wish to have every day in my life.  Others are fraught with self-judgement and help me to see how I judge myself.  Some are cathartic, like an energy emerging that just needs to be expressed; it feels kind of painful while doing it, but oh so freeing afterwards.

I also “hear” messages, such as “Paint wilder, use your fingers, use blue, lots of pink now”, etc. while I’m painting.  Other times I just get a feeling of what I should do next. Often, an image will transform over the course of the painting. Painting from an intuitive place is a fascinating journey that is unpredictable, wild, fun and very freeing.

My next gallery will consist of my more representational paintings in water colour, oil and acrylic. Enjoy the photos.