New Website end of November


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Dear Readers,

I am pleased to announce that my new website will be up and running by Nov 30, 2016 at Please follow me there for future posts and information on commissions, lessons, house portraits and my latest work.

Thank you for following me over the past two years.

Paintings For Sale!


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I would describe myself as an eclectic artist. I paint in different styles. I love my whimsical paintings, they’re fun and light. I’m proud of my realistic paintings. They took a lot of work and dedication to detail. Both create a meditative state, in different ways. I’ve always loved creating. I sew, take photos, I’ve done pottery, a bit of sculpture, I made batiks and oil paintings and water colours and acrylic paintings. I love trying new things and learning. I love exploring the world of the real and of the spirit, which really are the same thing.

If you like any of these, please send me an email at, or leave me a comment below. Thanks!


Learn How to Paint


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Do you live in Vancouver and always wanted to learn how to paint but were afraid to join a class, or were just too busy? Then my painting lessons might be for you! I provide a supportive learning environment, teaching you basic techniques to make a painting you can be proud of, for you or a small group of your friends. Day and evening times available.

Call Maryan Cerina, artist and teacher, at 778-713-1927 for more information or to book you class today. Email:


Portrait of a Vancouver Heritage Building


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One of my dear friends, an elderly woman and one of the first women architects in Vancouver, lives in this heritage building in the West End of Vancouver.  An example of Baroque Renaissance Revival, it was built in 1912 by architect Phillip M. Julien and was the first building in the area.

In painting this house portrait for my friend, I wanted to not only show the character of this heritage building, but to also include personal touches dear to her heart –  her two cats, flowers and her view.

The challenge in painting this house portrait was getting the colour right. The colour seemed to change with the light in every photo I took of the building, from lemon yellow in bright sun, to warm yellow on a bright but overcast day, to pinkish and bluish tones near sunset, and to greenish one cold and dark winter’s day.  I did a lot of experimentation with the paint colour and in the end I’m happy with both the colour and in making this not just a painting of a heritage building, but of my friend’s home.


Stages during painting the heritage building house portrait:

  1. Painting the main building in a neutral colour, drawing of entrance way details
  2. Adding a roof line and beginning to add darks
  3. Adding the shadow
  4. Improving the roof line and looking at the details of the eaves, where the wall features meet the roof
  5. Adding more darks and some entryway details
  6. All the reflections in the windows, all the dark areas, more entryway details
  7. Window frames and decorative elements, details to the roof line, the entryway completed, all the flowers, trees and water, and the two cats in the windows!


Home and Garden Portraits, made especially for you!


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Dear Readers,

I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I’m writing to let you know that I have time now to paint more house portraits. Please read further for more details. Thank you.


“I enjoy capturing in paint, the essence of what you treasure.”

Acrylic on canvas, ready in 3-4 weeks


11″x14″ $250

14″x18″ $350

16″x20″ $450

18″x24″ $650

Contact Maryan now to place your order.



June 19th Art Sale


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Many people enjoyed the art sale on June 19th of Maryan Cerina’s original pieces.  Here are some photos. Second art sale coming up tomorrow, Sunday, June 26 for all Vancouver people.

Garden Art Sale and Event


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Dear Readers,

If you live in Vancouver and are looking for something to do on Sunday, then come by and snack on some nibbles while browsing original works of art, or enjoy making a postcard painting for you or someone else. I’m selling my acrylic and oil paintings plus art greeting cards on our front lawn on Sunday from 10am- 4pm. Art prices range from $25 to $1000. Something for everyone! This event will be held Sunday, June 19 and again on Sunday June 26 from 10am to 4 pm.

Hope to see you there!



June Art Sale- 3 Whimsical Hearts


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Dear Readers,

I painted these hearts in February, but I think hearts are good all year round.  What do you think?



Hearts in the Clouds, acrylic on canvas, 8″x 8″x 1.5″, $60


Blossoming Heart, acrylic on canvas, 8″x 8″x 1.5″, $60


Lace heart,  acrylic on canvas, 8″x 8″x 1.5″, $60


Paintings For Sale


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I’m so excited to be offering my paintings for sale via my website and Facebook! I’ll be posting new paintings every few days during the month of June.  In July, I’m off on a painting holiday in Holland, then I’ll continue to post more paintings for sale in August.

I paint in a variety of styles at a variety of prices, so I hope there will be something here for everyone. Please check back often for updates.

Maryan Cerina

A favourite painting for my “June Painting Sale”. I painted this while living in Bangkok in 2007. I was walking down the street and saw an attractive water feature in someone’s front yard, a rectangular pool of water with lotus flowers blooming, sun shining on the corner of the pool. I took a quick photo and painted it at Attic Studios in Bangkok, where my teacher, Russel Fadavi worked.
Oil on canvas, 40″ x 32″, framed. $1200.


Lumpini Park, Lotus

“Lotuses in Lumpini Park”.   This print is of a watercolor painting I did while living in Bangkok, Thailand. I became fascinated with lotus flowers while there, they’re so beautiful and such an important part of Thai culture. While walking in Bangkok’s largest green space, Lumpini Park, I came across a small pond with a tangle of lotuses. I snapped a photo and then painted this in the studio of my artist friend and mentor, Russell Fadavi. I made several prints to give away to family and I just came across my last remaining print, which I am now offering for sale. Let me know if you’re interested in having this print adorn your wall!  15.5″ x 12″ $60 SOLD



Poppies     Acrylic on paper, 11″ x 14″ $150 In the style of C. Kremkau SOLD



Pansies          Acrylic on canvas, 16″x 20″ $320 In the style of C. Kremkau SOLD



Hummingbird     Acrylic on canvas 16″ x 20″ $320 SOLD